Users of the Lagooni shower wheelchairs as well as therapists share their experiences with our products. Watch our review videos and read the testimonials.
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What do Lagooni-users think?

You can have a good sales pitch but the user eventually decides how good the product actually is. You can read the experiences of Lagooni-users below.


Interview with a satisfied Lagooni Life user: Mart van der Sar

Mart is having a spinal cord injury as a result of an accident. He has been using – with full satisfaction – the Lagooni shower commode wheelchair daily for more than 10 years.

Interview with occupational therapist Kim

Kim van den Adel is an occupational therapist and specializes in training people with a spinal cord injury to independence. The use of the Lagooni shower wheelchair is an important part of the therapy.

Wheelchair Mafia is testing the Lagooni Life

Thomas Maas tests the Lagooni Life on behalf of Wheelchair Mafia. Thomas underwent a wrist surgery shortly after the test and now uses the Lagooni Life himself every day!

Thomas shows easily packing the Lagooni Traveller in a suitcase

Thomas Maas (Wheelchair Mafia), sitting in his wheelchair and on the couch, takes the Traveller out of the suitcase, assembles the Traveller and puts it back in the suitcase.

Interview with Ed Oudenaarden (using the Lagooni Life) and Paul Kampshoff (CEO of Lagooni) 2015

Ed Oudenaarden is having a spinal cord injury as a result of a helicopter accident. Ed is an active wheelchair user and travels a lot with his camper. He uses his Lagooni daily at home and regularly in the camper.

Tibbe tests the Junior XS 

Wheelchair Mafia tests the Junior XS with the help of Thomas’ son Tibbe.
Although Tibbe himself has no physical limitation, he shows that very small children can shower independently and safely with the Junior XS.

What do Lagooni-users think?

Sonja & Lucas

Colourful reasons for a Lagooni Junior

Sonja Brown is not very hot for traditional shower – toilet wheelchairs . ” White , hospital -like things on legs ,” she calls it herself . Of course she grants her eleven-year -old son Lucas much more color and movement than that. Fortunately, with Lagooni she was able to choose different colors and options . It was that agile purple! Lucas used a Flamingo shower chair until about 5 years ago . ” A kind luxury beach chair on a high base , which at one point was completely stuckdue to rust ,” says Sonja . ” We wanted to buy a new Flamingo at the exhibition in Utrecht. I became convinced of the beautiful and functional chairs of Lagooni . Firstly, through the combination of shower and toilet seat . But I also saw that Lucas – someday bigger and stronger – could propel himself in the chair . Not just from the shower to the washbasin , but also from the bathroom to his own room . ”

Small and large benefits

Light , manoeuvrable and easy to maintain . These are three of the properties with which Lagooni shower-toilet wheelchairs presents itself . Sonja confirms these qualities . ” For such a big chair the Lagooni is surprisingly lightweight and has a very small turning circle. Moreover, the chair is very user-friendly. When Lucas is finished showering , then the chair is practically dry within minutes. Residual water drips from the frame in no time from . The stainless steel base I clean once in a while with household vinegar . No dirt in sight. And yes, for me there is still a great advantage : the Lagooni looks nice , especially in my favorite color purple .Arguments for reimbursement : self-propelled and traveling

Arguments for reimbursement : self-propelled and traveling

Because the Lagooni looks jolly , Sonja lets the chair stand in Lucas’ room with ease . ” I probably would not do that with such an ugly white thing ,” she said honestly . But to be eligible for compensation from the chair by the municipality ” jolly” is no a valid argument . What then is taken into account? Sonja : ” One of the reasons is that it is a self- propelled , which makes Luke mobile. If he is strong enough, he can move freely on the upper floor and he can simply play, so we do not even need another chair for upstairs. ” Another argument , according to Sonja , is that the chair can go on holiday . “It really saves a lot of hassle , such as applying various tools at their destination .”

More arguments: growth , armrest , footrest and more

Sonja is happy that they got help from Lagooni . Upon the application for a fee ” They took the more technical arguments on their behalf ,” she says . “So we can let him ” grow ” on the existing chassis . In addition, the optional Lagooni bent armrests , which Lucas can hold while showering . Another option we like was a solid footrest so that he can stand . Finally Lagooni yielded a required abduction . It is a great advantage that they deliver everything from out one hand . ‘”

What does Lucas think?

Lucas looks happy in his purple Lagooni . Because the chair has a bedpad, his father or mother puts him in chair directly out of bed and then he can have a nice shower and brush his teeth . But to be honest , that’s all very convenient and so of course, but most important is that in this chair he can play with his iPad and Playstationm, for this purpose there is a Lagooni optional tabletop . Finally, he does not get bored when his mother is above working while holding her company.

What do Lagooni-users think?

The ring is world-wide again

Lagooni shower-toilet wheelchair gives Piet his mobility back He became Dutch champion boxing in the heavy weight class three times. Yes, Piet Holtkamp ruled the ring in the 70’s. This former crane engineer entered the battle scene again about 15 years ago, this time to reorganize his life with paraplegia. ‘That succeeded with the loving help of my wife.’, tells Piet. ‘And of course with the required aids. Lagooni ensured that my ring is world-wide again since 4 years.’

Not longer tied at home

‘After the purchase of a Lagooni, my wife and I couldn’t book a holiday for three weeks in South-Africa fast enough.’ Piet told us. ‘It was a dream coming true. We stayer 12 days at my brothers’ place and traveled the spare time through this beautiful country. We visited a wild park and looked upon Capetown from the Table mountain. You can imagine how nice it is to shower in the morning. And not only in the morning. We were in South-Africa in Januari and Februari, summertime, so even during the day I liked to refresh.’ South-Africa turned out to be a turnover on the road to more trips. ‘But those don’t go further than a farm in Vleuten or a hotelarrangement with friends in Almelo.’ laughs Piet ‘It is great to don’t be tied at home home anymore.’

From garden bench to top class

Piet compared his former shower-toilet wheelchairs with garden benches. ‘Those wheelchairs are massive and very heavy. Besides, my former wheelchair was rust-sensitive and maintenance-intensive. Lagooni is absolute top class compared to that. At first, the wheelchair doesn’t barely weigh more than 15 kilograms and it is easy to dissamble. This way, my wife can easily transport it with a special suitcase. But it also takes care of being able to keep the wheelchair very clean. Furthermore, the wheelchair is very strong, despite the low weight, so I can -even as a big man- transfer myself in my bed. Additional, the Lagooni is extremly manouevrable. This makes it easy for me to move in small spaces independently. And whether the chair is comfortable? Yes! With the custom made pillow the wheelchair fits like a glove.’

Everyone coorporates for my comfort

‘If someone asks me for advice for a shower-toilet wheelchair, I would always recommend the Lagooni.’ ensures Piet. ‘This brand is far ahead of its competitors. I suppose this is due the fact that the founder and developer Paul also needs a shower-toilet wheelchair. He designed the wheelchair based on his personal experiences. His service and concern does not have any limits. Because I am big and heavy, he strengthened the wheelchair on many points. This way he takes care of everyones personalized custom made comfort. Comfort which is necessary when you have to live with paraplegia. Lagooni was not in the standard package of my dealer. Luckily I was able to convince the municipalty of the benefits of this shower-toilet wheelchair. That it is very comforatble in usage and is able to give back my indepenency. And that it is not a ‘thing’ you use for a short period once in a while, but that the wheelchair is an extension of yourself!’

Lagooni shower wheelchairs

Your Lagooni gives you freedom

The Lagooni commode wheelchair is available in different varieties for adults, children and for travelling.


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