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Is your Lagooni shower commode wheelchair reimbursed? Do you want to purchase directly from Lagooni? We provide a lot of information regarding purchasing questions. If you have questions or would you like more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Want to purchase a Lagooni shower commode wheelchair?


Government, insurance and/or supplier

It is feasible to order a Lagooni shower commode chair with the possible reimbursement through the government or insurance directly from one of our suppliers who have the Lagooni shower commode wheelchair in their selection.


Purchase for yourself

You can purchase your shower commode wheelchair directly from Lagooni. A Lagooni employee will make an appointment to discuss your personal needs and wishes and fill in a pre-fit form. You will receive a quote based on the pre-fit form, and after your approval, your shower wheelchair will be on the way, and within four weeks at your front door!



Do you want to be eligible for compensation for the Lagooni shower wheelchair? Then you apply for an application from the government or insurance. These procedures can differ per country. The government or insurance company determines – usually based on a consultant or occupational therapist’s advice – whether you are eligible for reimbursement. You can directly indicate in your application that you prefer a Lagooni shower commode wheelchair. If you include the advice of your occupational therapist, you increase the chances of reimbursement. Other essential points to take into account to positively influence the “compensation” of your Lagooni include:

  • The Lagooni rides lighter and smoother than all other shower commode wheelchairs; this makes Lagooni chairs ideal if you have little strength or reduced hand functionality.
  • Adjustable back angle, this is an essential function if you have poor trunk balance.
  • Small turning circle. If there is little room to manoeuvre, you can still manage well with a Lagooni.
  • Height adjustment. Important when you are small(er) and for if you are tall(er).
  • You can opt for a custom-made seat that can, for example, contribute to the prevention of pressure ulcers.
  • You can choose different types and sizes of armrests, leg rests, footrests, side supports, backrest and much more. These all contribute to a stable sitting position.

You can also indicate to your supplier that you prefer a Lagooni shower commode wheelchair. Based on your indications, wishes and arguments, your supplier will do a pre-fit. In almost all cases you will receive the chair afterwards.

douchestoel lagooni douchestoel op wielen

Lagooni shower wheelchairs

Your Lagooni gives you freedom

The Lagooni commode wheelchair is available in different varieties for adults, children and for travelling.


Shower commode wheelchairs
for adults


Shower commode wheelchairs
for kids

Shower commode wheelchairs for travelling


Shower commode wheelchairs
for travelling and on the road


User experiences

Lagooni Junior

"’Lagooni looks lovely, especially in my favourite colour purple"

Colourfull reasons for a Lagooni Junior

Lucas & Sonja de Bruijn

"Comfort that is necessary when you have to live with a spinal cord injury"

Comfort that is necessary when you have to live with a spinal cord injury

Piet Holtkamp

WheelChar Mafia goes travelling (video)

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