My Lagooni
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The Lagooni
shower-toilet wheelchair
makes me feel free

Beautiful design
User friendly adjustability
Custom made
Perfect for travelling

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For everyone a shower-toilet wheelchair that fits as a glove

Lagooni is available in 8 different models. These differences ensures there is a model that perfectly suits. In addition, each model has at least the 5 mainqualities of Lagooni: (1) highly manoeuvrable (also in small spaces), (2) user friendly adjustability, (3) beautiful design and functional round shapes, (4) lightweighted and (5) many options to personalize.


Compact with 4 small wheels and Compact with 20′ wheels.


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Lagooni Life, Life Special, Extra, Compact with 4 small wheels and Compact with 20′ wheels.


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Junior XS, Junior, Junior Special, Compact with 4 small and Compact wheels.


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Why Lagooni?

My Lagooni makes me feel free

shower wheelchair

Light & manoeuvrable wheelchair

The only custom made shower wheelchair in Europe

Comfortable, light, manoeuvrable and lots of options to personalize. The wheelchair does not require a lot of strength to use.

“Lagooni’s founder and developer Paul designed the wheelchair based on his personal experiences. His service and concern does not have any limits. Optimal customized comfort, which is necessary when you’re a tetraplegia.”

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Modern & stylish

Designed by experience experts

Lagooni shower-toilet-wheelchair: a comfortable alternative for the unstable and heavy wheelchairs.

“White , hospital -like things on legs ,” is how she calls it. Of course she grants her eleven-year -old son Lucas much more color and movement than that. Fortunately, with Lagooni she was able to choose different colors and options . He choose te purple one!”

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shower wheelchair

shower wheelchair


Stability, flexibility and a lot of freedom

Aluminium and high quality stainless steel in combination with padding made of soft anti-decubitus material. It is for a good reason why Lagooni offers a 5 year warranty on the frame of the wheelchair.

“The wheelchair is surprisingly lightweighted for its size and the turning radius is extraordinary small. Besides, the wheelchair is very user-friendly.  When Lucas finished showering, the wheelchair is almost completely dry within a minute.”

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Compact on holiday

Easy to take along a trip

You can quickly create a compact package of your light weight shower-toilet wheelchair. It is even possible to take a flight again! Would you like to see how easy it is to take the wheelchair with you while travelling and how you can adjust it matching on the situation on location? Watch the video: Easy travellings with Lagooni 

‘My wife booked a holiday to South Africa for three weeks in a very short time after purchasing the Lagooni.’, told Piet. ‘It was a real dream coming true.”

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How do owners really experience their Lagooni?

No matter how good your sales pitch is, in the old end it is the user who judges your product. Therefore, you read the user’s findings below.

Lagooni Junior

“the Lagooni looks nice, especially in my favourite color purple”

Colorful reasons for a Lagooni Junior

Sonja Brown is not very hot for traditional shower – toilet wheelchairs . ” White , hospital -like things on legs ,” she calls it herself . Of course she grants her eleven-year -old son Lucas much more color and movement than that. Fortunately, with Lagooni she was able to choose different colors and options . It was that agile purple!

Lucas used a Flamingo shower chair until about 5 years ago . ” A kind luxury beach chair on a high base , which at one point was completely stuckdue to rust ,” says Sonja . ” We wanted to buy a new Flamingo at the exhibition in Utrecht. I became convinced of the beautiful and functional chairs of Lagooni . Firstly, through the combination of shower and toilet seat . But I also saw that Lucas – someday bigger and stronger – could propel himself in the chair . Not just from the shower to the washbasin , but also from the bathroom to his own room . ”

More arguments: growth, armrests, footrests and more.. Read Lucas’ whole story.

Lucas’ story  More reviews


‘The Lagooni shower-toilet wheelchairs are TÜV approved and CE marked.’

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