A warranty that expresses the faith that Lagooni shows in her products

As a Lagooni owner you enjoy a 6 year guarantee on the frame, that includes the welds. On all other parts there is a general guarantee of 12 months according to the general conditions of Lagooni. On the upholstery there can not be given a guarantee unfortunately. Not because the quality is below standard, on the contrary the upholstery is of excellent craftsmanship but durability goes hand in hand with wear and tear and in this case depends to much on the individual’s usage.


Replacing parts under warranty

If a part does need to be replaced under guarantee then Lagooni will take care of the matter themselves as soon as possible. Lagooni strives to see to it that her clients never have to do even a day without their Lagooni. That is why if possible Lagooni fixes all problems at the clients home. It is however the clients responsibility to report the damaged part as soon as possible this is even more important when the mentioned part still falls under the guarantee.

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