What about the warranty on or repairs to your Lagooni shower commode wheelchair? Do you have to go to Lagooni or the supplier of your shower wheelchair? Here are the most important things you need to know about warranty and repairs.
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A warranty that expresses the faith that Lagooni shows in her products


When do you get a warranty on the Lagooni shower wheelchair?

The Lagooni shower commode wheelchairs are CE and TÜV approved. You receive a 5-year warranty on the welding of the frame of your Lagooni shower wheelchair. You get a 12-month warranty on the various parts. In most cases, you don’t get a warranty on the upholstery. However, the upholstery does have a manufacturer’s warranty if there is a production error. This is usually immediately visible and must be reported immediately. Examples of manufacturing defects are loose stitching or improperly stitched upholstery. Damage to the upholstery must be visible upon delivery. If you want to be eligible for a warranty, you must report this damage to Lagooni before using the shower wheelchair.


Replacement parts – purchased through the supplier

Did you purchase the shower wheelchair through a supplier and does a part need to be replaced under warranty? The first step is to report this to the supplier of your shower wheelchair. They will contact Lagooni to handle this further.


Replace parts – purchased yourself

Did you purchase your shower wheelchair directly from Lagooni? Please contact Lagooni directly. The aim is always that you do not end up without a shower wheelchair, and that action is taken as quickly as possible. We recommend that you contact us if parts are unexpectedly broken.


Reimbursed and non-reimbursed repairs to your shower toilet wheelchair

Has your Lagooni shower-toilet wheelchair been provided via a supplier or did you buy it directly by Lagooni and is a repair or service required? Please first contact your supplier. After all, repairs cannot be claimed to a health insurance company by Lagooni. You have to arrange this yourself.

Of course, you can always contact Lagooni directly for repairs for which you do not claim any compensation. Lagooni will contact you (except throughout the holiday periods) to discuss the costs and possibilities to repair your wheelchair within one working day.

Lagooni shower wheelchairs

Your Lagooni gives you freedom

The Lagooni commode wheelchair is available in different varieties for adults, children and for travelling.


Shower commode wheelchairs
for adults


Shower commode wheelchairs
for kids

Shower commode wheelchairs for travelling


Shower commode wheelchairs
for travelling and on the road


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