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Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found on this FAQ page. Per category you can find your question and the answer to the question. Is your question not listed here? Please contact us, we are happy to help you!
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Pre-fits, customization and models

1. How do I make an appointment for a pre-fit

To make an appointment for a pre-fit, you have to get in contact with your supplier.

2. Which Lagooni do I advice my client?

On our website you can download a pdf file “support for fitting”. It is useful to read this information beforehand. If you use this document in conjunction with our pre-fit forms, you can use the pre-fit forms as a guide. Are you not sure, do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to call us. We can provide telephone support (+ 31 174-281551). You can find the necessary files here.

3. What are the options for adjustments?

It gives a lot of possibilties in terms of adjustments. Naturally, there are also limitations and not all options of, for example a wheelchair for daily use, can be fitted to a shower commode wheelchair. The requirements for a bathroom environment are simply different. If you want to know whether a specific adjustment is feasible, please contact us by email via the contact form or by telephone (+31 174-281551).

4. Are there posibilities to try out a Lagooni shower wheelchair?

It is possible to try the products during a pre-fit at home or at Lagooni. For hygiene reasons, it is not possible to try a product at home in the shower or while going to the toilet.

5. Are all the products custom made?

All shower commode wheelchairs are custom-made. Usually we work from a basic frame with a number of specific characteristics. In some situations this is not enough and we will customize a frame.

6. What is the difference between Lagooni Traveller and a Lagooni Compact?

Both models have a height and back angle adjustment, have a comfortable soft seat and are suitable for travel and fit in a suitcase. Yet there is a difference. Because many people don’t get any compensation for buying a travel shower commode wheelchair, we have made an affordable basic version of the Lagooni Compact with the Lagooni Traveler. Basicly, the Traveler is therefore only sold to individuals. The Traveler has a comfortable seat, which can be selected with a hole at the front or rear, but individual customization is not possible. If you already have a Lagooni Life, Life special or Junior, you can choose to only purchase a Traveler base and transfer your own seat insert (which already provides your dimensions) when you go on holiday. If you still want a complete travel wheelchair and you need more customization, then choose the Compact. We can completely personalize this. The Lagooni Compact can also be purchased directly from Lagooni, but is also available through a medical aid supplier.


Purchase, prices and items

1. How to get a reimbursment for a Lagooni?

If you have a prescription for a shower commode wheelchair through your rehabilitation doctor or occupational therapist, you may be eligible for reimbursement. Depending on your personal situation and country where you live in, you can get a Lagooni.

2. Who are your suppliers?

We work together with all suppliers. You can find a supplier list here. Isn’t your supplier listed? Please ask them to get in contact with us.

3. Is it possible to purchase a shower commode wheelchair directly from Lagooni?

You are always free to purchase your shower wheelchair directly from Lagooni. For more information, please contact us by telephone (+ 31 174-281551) or by email via the contact form.

4. What is the price of a Lagooni?

This is dependent on what someone needs. For information about this, it is best to contact us (+31 174-281551) or by email via the contact form.

5. Where can I find the most recent price list?

Because all our products are build up of many different parts, there is no price list on the website. If you still want to receive a price list, you can send an email. Contact us here.

6. Where can I find the most recent items list?

A selection of items with images can be found here. You can request an extensive list of items by email. Get in contact with us here.

7. Can I buy a single item directly from Lagooni?

Of course you can purchase items directly from us! Please contact us if you are looking for a specific item (+31 174-281551 or by email via the contact form.

8. What is the delivery time of a Lagooni?

The average delivery time for a shower commode wheelchair from Lagooni is 4 weeks, however this may deviate if the wheelchair has complex customization. The delivery time for a standard Traveller is approximately 14 days. Also keep in mind that the stated delivery times usually concern the delivery time to the supplier. Lagooni has no influence on the delivery of its products to the end user.


Warranty, maintenance and repair

1. What does the warranty of a Lagooni include?

You can find all information regarding warranty under the tab warranty.

2. When should I replace my seat?

It is recommended to replace the seat at least once every 3 years if you use the shower chair daily. The comfortable material of the seat is fragile and becomes porous with use. This allows water to enter the polyether of the seat, causing the seat to lose its elasticity and become harder. In addition, it is also recommended to replace the seat for hygienic reasons. However, it is not a rule of thumb that the seat should be replaced once every 3 years. This is closely related to use. Lifts or transfer boards can shorten durability. Never wait too long to replace the seat if you see signs of wear. Maintenance is important to prevent pressure ulcers, for example.

3. What are the maintenance costs?

These costs are highly dependent on the maintenance required. It is best to contact Lagooni if ​​you want more information about this (+31 174-281551 or by email via the contact form). 

4. When does my Lagooni need maintenance?

For maintenance, this strongly depends on the intensity of use, maintenance and the amount of lime in the water. The latter differs considerably from region to region. If you are unsure whether maintenance is required, contact your supplier. If you want to arrange maintenance directly via Lagooni, you can contact us on + 31 174-281551 or by email via the contact form.

5. There is something wrong with my Lagooni, who should I contact?

If your wheelchair is purchased by a medical aid supplier, you always contact your supplier. Your own supplier arranges maintenance and any warranty matters. If you have purchased your Lagooni directly from us, please contact us (+ 31 174-281551) or by email via the contact form.


Transport and (dis)assembly

1. Can I easily take my Lagooni with me on a trip?

All Lagooni shower commode wheelchairs have a folding backrest and the armrests (and legrests) and wheels can easily be removed from the frame. If you would like a more compact model with which you can also fly more easily, for example, we also offer the Lagooni Compact and the Lagooni Traveller especially for traveling.

2. How do I disassemble my Lagooni?

Our manuals explain exactly how to disassemble your Lagooni shower commode wheelchair. These can be found here.


Other questions

1. I have another question, how do I get in touch with you?

You can reach us daily by telephone on +31 174-281551 or by email via the contact form.




Lagooni shower wheelchairs

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The Lagooni commode wheelchair is available in different varieties for adults, children and for travelling.


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User experiences

Lagooni Junior

"’Lagooni looks lovely, especially in my favourite colour purple"

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"Comfort that is necessary when you have to live with a spinal cord injury"

Comfort that is necessary when you have to live with a spinal cord injury

Piet Holtkamp

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