Lagooni BV

Lagooni BV was established by Paul Kampshoff, an industrial designer with South African roots. Paul had been working as an industrial designer for his own company Vision XP for several years before he started Lagooni.
At Vision XP he already developed products for functionally impaired people. He relies on his own experiences for his designs. His paraplegia has made Paul acutely aware that available resources and aids are sometimes very incompatible with functional disabilities. He constantly challenges himself to tackle these issues and create user-friendly and comfortable aids and resources.
This resulted in the design of the Lagooni shower-toilet wheelchair. A comfortable alternative for the often ungain and unwieldy chairs available on the market. ‘Beautiful and carefree’ is the motto of Lagooni BV. Less care because of personal freedom, allowing you to function as well and independent as possible, sitting comfortably and without problems, and giving you the opportunity to broaden your world (once again) by finally allowing you to go on a care-free holiday.


Eigenaar Paul van Lagooni BV


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