Travel with a wheelchair

When being dependent on a wheelchair, it can be quite a challenge to travel or go out. Going for a nice dinner immediately calls for wheelchair accessibility and a toilet for the disabled. Difficulty increases tremendously when it comes to holidays. How are you sure you'll arrive safely at your final destination? Since Lagooni provides travel wheelchairs with a shower function, we get a lot of questions. That's why we want to share our tips when it comes to travelling with a wheelchair.
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Travel with a wheelchair

Are you planning a holiday or travelling with a wheelchair in general? Aside from the fact that you have to bring the right medical aid with you while travelling. Having a pleasant holiday or trip usually depends on the availability of a wheelchair friendly environment, accessible accommodation or a well-arranged flight. This often turns out to be quite a challenge. Finding the right wheelchair for travelling can at least ease a big part of these problems.

Lagooni has a wide range of travel shower wheelchairs which contribute to a carefree holiday. Many travel organisations offer wheelchair holidays or assistance in finding a wheelchair-friendly accommodation. Additionally, there are numerous wheelchair friendly holidays you can book yourself! Every situation is different and requires particular and personal needs. Of course, we cannot fill in all the gaps. However, what we can do is give insights based on our own experiences and share (travel) tips to give you some new ideas! Have you been on a holiday or trip lately and do you want to share your experiences and suggestions with your peers? Share it with us, and we’ll post it on our website!

Buitengewoon Reizen is meant for everyone and specialises in private holidays tailored for people with reduced mobility. All over the world, they offer vacations, tours, wheelchair accessible hotels, apartments and villas. They arrange your flight to the destination and provide assistance at the airports. Furthermore, they offer medical aid, care and nursing, adapted transfers and tours at numerous locations. For more information, have a look at Buitengewoon reizen.

Most of the time, it can be quite a challenge to find wheelchair-friendly accommodations, has placed a special page with wheelchair-accessible hotels, B&Bs, holiday cottages and other types of accommodations. Here you will find more than 60 accommodations that meet high standards. In addition to these accommodations, they also provide tips on practical matters such as on-site care and transport. For more information about travelling with a wheelchair, go to De zonnebloem

Find accessibility at any given locations in the Netherlands by using the Ongehinderd app With the Ongehinderd app; you will always have an overview of the accessibility of any given location! For example, you no longer have to doubt whether you can park properly, enter somewhere that may or may not have wheelchair accessibility or if the bathrooms are accessible in the same way. The app is made for and by people with different disabilities. This way, you can look up what fits your description and find the information you need to know. In addition, you will find all information has been checked and tested by trained inspectors. Look up reviews from other app users and share your own experiences. The Ongehinderd app can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or go to

Discover what the app has to offer you! Adapted and carefree holiday on the Costa Blanca in Spain For a fantastic holiday in the sun-drenched Costa Blanca, the disabled and handicapped can go to Xenofilia. They have several wheelchair friendly and luxurious holiday villas in Moraira and Jávea. For more information about Villa Xenofilia, go to the website of Xenofilia. 

Lagooni shower wheelchairs

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The Lagooni commode wheelchair is available in different varieties for adults, children and for travelling.


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Shower commode wheelchairs
for kids

Shower commode wheelchairs for travelling


Shower commode wheelchairs
for travelling and on the road


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Lagooni Junior

"’Lagooni looks lovely, especially in my favourite colour purple"

Colourfull reasons for a Lagooni Junior

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"Comfort that is necessary when you have to live with a spinal cord injury"

Comfort that is necessary when you have to live with a spinal cord injury

Piet Holtkamp

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