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Taking your own shower-toilet wheelchair when travelling, why would you do that?

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The perfect trip is without worries and inconveniences. However, it is often more difficult to travel carefree when you are wheelchair-dependent. Taking your own shower-toilet wheelchair when travelling can take away some of the worries.

Houses that are not as adapted as indicated, thresholds that are too high, a bed that is too low, making the transfer difficult… We have all been there. The bathroom area is also something that really needs to be thought about beforehand. A common solution to avoid bathroom related problems: bringing your own shower-toilet wheelchair when travelling. Many wheelchair users consider bringing their own aid. It seems awkward to take an extra wheelchair along, but for many it is a real solution. Why? These are the most common arguments we have heard.

1. When you take your own shower-toilet wheelchair with you on holiday, you sit as you would at home. A different seat can have a big influence on laxating, but also on making the transfer. Also the risk of developing pressure spots is considerably less and that is something you really do not want on your well-deserved holiday.

2. Renting an aid can be and is in most cases a great solution. However, you never know exactly what you will get. The seat may be slightly different and don’t forget that in many countries the quality requirements are different to those in North-Western Europe. We have also heard that people arrived at the location and there was no aid available, oops…

3. When you normally transfer to the toilet or shower, it can be wise to bring your own aid. It is a pity when you can’t reach the toilet, or the adjustments are not as expected. When you have your own aid with you, you still have the alternative of using a bucket or pot.

4. We also experienced several times that the door to the bathroom is too narrow to enter with a wheelchair. Especially in hotels or rented appartments, this happens quite often. In this case, you cannot even get close to the toilet. Still, you will have to do your needs and you would probably rather do this in a pot or bucket than awkwardly in bed.

5. When you use a height-adjustable shower-toilet wheelchair, it is convenient that you can adjust it to the height of the bed or toilet that is present. This way you know for sure that you can make the transfer, even when you are on holiday.

Is it inconvenient to take a shower-toilet wheelchair with you? Maybe, that depends a bit on what model you have. A Lagooni Traveller or Compact, for instance, fits exactly into the supplied suitcase. This makes transport a lot easier and takes up less space. This way you will travel a lot more carefree without too much fuss!

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