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Measuring a shower wheelchair via a video call together with a consultant from Lagooni is easily arranged. Request an appointment by phone or email.
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Measure a shower commode chair with Lagooni


A pre-fit often takes place for a perfect match. A fitting can take place on location together with a ZOOM/Video connection with a Lagooni consultant. A fitting appointment can be requested by telephone (+31) (0) 174-281551 or by email. In order to carry out a fitting as effectively as possible and for a good preparation, it is important that we know the requirements.

If you are well acquainted with the Lagooni shower-toilet wheelchairs and if a facility is available, such as in a rehabilitation center, you can also perform the fitting yourself on the basis of our pass forms. Do you still need help during the fitting? Please feel free to contact us by phone. There is almost always someone present who can answer your questions.


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Lagooni shower wheelchairs

Your Lagooni gives you freedom

The Lagooni commode wheelchair is available in different varieties for adults, children and for travelling.


Shower commode wheelchairs
for adults


Shower commode wheelchairs
for kids

Shower commode wheelchairs for travelling


Shower commode wheelchairs
for travelling and on the road


User experiences

Lagooni Junior

"’Lagooni looks lovely, especially in my favourite colour purple"

Colourfull reasons for a Lagooni Junior

Lucas & Sonja de Bruijn

"Comfort that is necessary when you have to live with a spinal cord injury"

Comfort that is necessary when you have to live with a spinal cord injury

Piet Holtkamp

WheelChar Mafia goes travelling (video)

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