Lagooni Traveller Swivel Wheels

Lagooni Traveller Swivel Wheels

For showering and toilet

Interchangeable backrest and seat

Fits in a suitcase

Can be driven over a toilet

Suitable for standing transfers or tripping

Seat height and backrest adjustment

Custom made

Attendant propelled


Curious about the Lagooni Traveller Swivel Wheels?

Make an assessment appointment to customise your Lagooni Traveller Swivel Wheels or read more about the Lagooni Traveller Swivel Wheels specifications in this brochure.


Attendant propelled shower commode wheelchair, suitable for travelling.

The Lagooni Traveller Swivel Wheels is a manoeuvrable attendant propelled shower wheelchair. The frame is made of aluminium in combination with stainless steel. By using these materials, the shower commode chair is aside from being lightweight also waterproof. Disassemble the wheelchair quickly, and transport it in a suitcase without the use of any tool. This way, you can enjoy maximum (mobility) freedom with minimal effort!

If you own a Lagooni Life, Life Special, Junior or Junior Special, you can attach your customised backrest and seat to the Lagooni Traveller Swivel Wheels frame without the use of any tool. This way, you would only have to purchase the base frame of the Lagooni Traveller and the suitcase to travel with ease.

If more customisation is necessary, then the Lagooni Compact Swivel Wheels is a good alternative.


What makes the Lagooni Traveller Swivel Wheels unique?

  • The Lagooni Traveller Swivel Wheels makes (standing) transfers or tripping easier by turning the leg rests away or removing them from the frame.
  • The Lagooni Traveller Swivel Wheels has a convertible seat and backrest compatible with other Lagooni models.
  • The Lagooni Compact Swivel Wheels is customisable based on your personal needs from top to bottom with almost an endless amount of possibilities.
  • The attendant propelled Lagooni Traveller Swivel Wheels is also available as a self-propelled model.

Lagooni can realise a shower commode chair that meets your needs and wishes as much as possible. As a result, sitting for a long time feels safe and comfortable!


Are you interested in other Lagooni (commode) wheelchairs?

Download here our brochures to compare with other models.

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  • Aluminium box frame powder-coated black
  • In height and angle adjustable seat, upholstered with polyether and platilon
  • Seat:  width 44 x depth 45 cm, hole in the front or rear
  • Adjustable and down foldable backrest covered with a water-resistant canvas colour black (removable)
  • Swing away aluminium armrests (removable)
  • Swing-away leg rests within height adjustable flip-up footrests (removable)
  • 4 Small swivel wheels mounted under the stainless steel legs (removable)
  • Maximum weight: 120 kg
  • Length chair without footrests: 54 cm
  • Seat height from the floor: 53 cm to 61cm
  • Chair width: 48 cm
  • Weight of complete chair: maximum of 14 kg
  • Recommended toilet measure: standard to 50 cm height
  • Silicon foldable bucket

Additional information

Attendant propelled / Self propelled


Past in koffer

Fits in suitcase

Afneembare beensteunen

Detachable legrests