Lagooni Custom

Lagooni Custom

Fully custom-made shower wheelchair with toilet function and adjustment options.

The Lagooni Custom is a lightweight and easy to maneuver shower wheelchair. The Lagooni Custom can – as the name suggests – meet even more customization needs. Based on one of our models, we can make additional adjustments to the frame and the adjustment system. This includes the height of the frame, the use of shower / toilet seat orthoses (which we make together with Perteon), moving certain pipes because of the size of the toilet or the adjustment of the seating position. The frame of the Lagooni Custom is made of aluminum in combination with stainless steel. The use of these materials makes the shower commode chair waterproof and light. This wheelchair can also be driven over an extended toilet. Disassemble the shower toilet wheelchair quickly and without the use of tools for transport. Enjoy maximum (movement) freedom with minimal effort!

Adjust the chair effortlessly to your personal needs. From armrest to backrest and from seat to footrest. The seat is always custom-made. Determine the width, depth, material of the seat and even where the hole will be placed: front, rear, left, right or in the middle or choose a comfortable seating orthesis. Sitting for a long time therefore feels safe and comfortable.

In addition to the custom-made seat, many different options are possible, such as different forms of arm support, various sizes of wheels, calf pads, and lateral and head support. In this way we can assemble a shower commode chair that meets your wishes and needs as much as possible. Personalize your shower wheelchair even more by choosing a different color of the upholstery or frame. Curious about all the options? Make an appointment with your supplier or have a look at our brochure.

The benefits of the Custom

For showering and toilet
Seat height and backrest adjustment
Fully customized
Easy to take along a trip (by car)



Additional information

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Detachable legrests

Attendant propelled / Self propelled


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