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Our favourite blogs about travelling with a wheelchair

blogs over reizen met een rolstoel

Although now is not the most convenient time to go on holiday, we like to get inspired by blogs about travelling with a wheelchair.

That way we can enjoy ourselves and get ideas for future trips. There are a lot of inspiring people who show that travelling with a disability is very well possible. We have listed our favourite blogs about travelling with a wheelchair:

Eelke droomt

For the Dutch and Flemish readers among us, this blog is really a gem. Eelke has a muscular disease and uses an electric wheelchair. She collects addresses of special, wheelchair-accessible hotels, B&Bs and holiday homes. With attention to design, luxury and wheelchair accessibility. No large chains along the motorway or bungalow parks. Fine small-scale addresses where she has been or would like to visit again! On her website you will even find a map where you can easily find great holiday addresses per location

Simply Emma

Simply Emma is a travel blog combined with a disability created by, as the name suggests, Emma. Emma is a traveller and blogger who writes on a wide range of topics including guides to accessible cities, hotel reviews, lifestyle tips, and much more. Emma lives in Scotland with her partner, but they have travelled to many places in Europe. A great blog to get inspiration for accessible travel within (and outside) Europe.

Curb Free with Cory Lee

Cory Lee is a traveller who is passionate about exploring the world. He has already visited 6 continents with his disability. His Bucket List is still full of destinations and activities for the future. Despite using a wheelchair due to spinal muscular atrophy, Cory has travelled an incredible amount, and his experiences are always enlightening to read. He writes a wide variety of content, including accessibility guides, tips, and lists of attractions worth checking out.

Wheels no Heels

Okay, not a blog, but a vlog. Gemma has a warm, friendly demeanour and this is reflected in all her videos where she discusses (and demonstrates) all kinds of topics, from international wheelchair flying to the unpleasant questions she is often gets. Not all of her videos are entirely dedicated to travel, but she does share unique and useful travel experiences on YouTube that are useful to check out before you leave.

If you love to travel like the adventurers above, then it’s really worth checking out all the blogs/vlogs above for inspiration. Of course, every constraint is different, so everyone faces different bumps in the road. The simplest things can be a challenge, such as thresholds to enter the accommodation or the lack of a suitable aid in the bathroom. This is one of the reasons why many Lagooni users choose to bring their own shower-toilet wheelchair when travelling. Want to know more? We have written a whole article about this.

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